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Print. Media. Environment.

We have developed from a small family-run business into an internationally operating pioneer in the field of print over more than 100 years. Today, around 800 colleagues work at several locations on creating modern and effective print products – from catalogues and magazines to customised print products. We attach great importance to sustainability, offer the current eco-labels and even climate-neutralized production methods. We are also constantly exploring the medium’s potential. Because in addition to our consistent shareholder structure consisting of the Evers and Frank families, one thing above all is just like it was 100 years ago: Our most important goal is our customers’ success.

A medium with maximum appeal.

Whether it’s catalogues, magazines or mailings: when it comes to eye-catching and authentic communication, printed products continue to play a unique role in today’s media landscape. Due to the possibilities it offers in terms of the feel, visual appearance and scents, print is unrivalled as a medium when it comes to producing an intense, aesthetic effect. What’s more, no other medium is better at marketing high-quality goods and services. Axel Polei, Managing Director and Sales Manager, summed it up once: “Print has always been revolutionary. Which is why we’ve always considered it our job to adapt print products to the trends and innovations of today.”

Achieve more relevance through customised print products.

The advertising possibilities on the Internet have been growing continuously for over 20 years. Online advertising is fast and precisely tailored to its target audience thanks to cookies etc. – and it is continuously getting cheaper. It is accordingly being used more and more excessively, so we are meanwhile bombarded with a downright flood of advertisements and banners. The consequence: adblockers are installed, newsletters are cancelled, trigger emails are not opened.
Print does not have any adblockers and lands fully addressed safely in your customers’ letterbox. We produce large industrial runs personalised for each recipient based on digital data in our high-speed digital printing process – whether it’s mailings, catalogues or magazines. And in offset-like quality and in many different formats. The personalisation process and generation of the variable print data is highly automated by us and requires little effort on your part.

We're going green.

A commitment to the environment is no longer just a trend but a factor which provides brands with added value. Businesses that pursue an environmentally-conscious strategy are not only doing something good for the planet but are also promoting their image and, depending on the industry, are even capable of generating more sales by doing so. After all, 49% of consumers see it as being positive when brands advertise sustainability. We have permission to display the most important environmental labels on our printed products, regardless of your own environmental strategy. In doing so, we set ourselves ambitious environmental goals every year, challenging ourselves to constantly reduce our own carbon footprint.