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A commitment to the environment is no longer just a trend but a factor which provides brands with added value. Businesses that pursue an environmentally-conscious strategy are not only doing something good for the planet but are also promoting their image and, depending on the industry, are even capable of generating more sales by doing so. After all, 49% of consumers see it as being positive when brands advertise sustainability.

We have permission to display the most important environmental labels on our printed products, regardless of your own environmental strategy. In doing so, we set ourselves ambitious environmental goals every year, challenging ourselves to constantly reduce our own carbon footprint.

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Our ecological mission

If we want to make environmentally friendly printing a matter of course, we have to make it easy for our customers. For this reason, we offer you an ecological standard that goes way beyond normal standards: we use 100% green electricity from hydropower and 100% climate-neutral natural gas at all our production sites.

Our processes also meet the highest ecological requirements of the Blue Angel, Nordic Swan* and EU Ecolabel*. This means that even if you don’t want your product to be certified, our production will give you all the advantages that the eco-labels offer.

  • 100% green energy (electricity and gas)
  • Certification according to EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme)*
  • Certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 for the international environmental management standard
  • Certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001 for energy management
  • Each site has its own CO₂ footprint
  • Scopes 1 and 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol are climate-neutral for us

* Not at all Eversfrank Group sites

Paper certifications

The FSC® and PEFC™ seals of approval distinguish sustainable forestry and stand for transparency and credibility worldwide. They guarantee that people and nature are treated fairly and responsibly. If you choose papers with these seals for your print product, you are contributing to the sustainable handling of print media.

  • FSC® certification of your print products
  • PEFC™ certification of your print products

Our FSC® licence code: FSC-C115061

Product certifications

Product certification is an improvement on paper certification. Here, the requirements go beyond the paper and also take into account the effects of the entire print product on climate, resources, water, soil, air and people. The entire product life cycle is always considered: Which printing inks were used, which chemicals? How much waste was produced and how much CO₂ was emitted? We are one of the few printing companies that can award the following ambitious product certifications.

  • Blue Angel
  • EU Ecolabel*
  • Nordic Swan*

* Not at all Eversfrank Group sites

Climate-neutral printing

Climate-neutral printing is not that complicated if you imagine that even a single tree can convert and average of 100 kg CO₂ per year. With Evers-ReForest, we have founded the first ever reforestation company in a printing company to compensate for emissions that cannot be prevented during the manufacturing process despite all our efforts. The CO₂ emissions for your print production are determined and a corresponding number of trees are planted to compensate for these emissions and make your print product climate-neutral. You can then place the Evers-ReForest label on your product and receive a certificate.

  • CO₂ compensation for your print production by Evers-ReForest
  • Compensation through other international CO₂ compensation projects, such as First Climate or Climate Partner

More information

Climate Protection Company

Since 2018, the entire Eversfrank Group has been one of 37 climate protection companies of the German “Klimaschutz-Unternehmen e.V.”, an excellence initiative of the Federal Environment Ministry. As a member of this cross-industry association of companies of all sizes from Germany, we voluntarily commit ourselves to measurable and ambitious environmental and energy-saving measures. The Meldorf site has been a member of the initiative since 2012.

A detailed climate protection and energy efficiency report on strategies, analysis systems, targets and the use of renewable energies is required for inclusion. Following a comprehensive review of our performance in the field of sustainability and a positive recommendation by the Advisory Board, in which the Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB), the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), among others, are represented as initiators of the Group, the report was accepted. In this way, we guarantee our customers continuous ecological development and environmentally friendly innovations.

  • Member of the Excellence Initiative of the Federal Environment Ministry
  • Voluntary commitment to environmentally friendly and energy-saving measures

Climate Protection Company

We would like to support concrete concepts for a sustainable, future-oriented production of print products. This is why we have decided to take a long-term approach with the Healthy Printing Initiative, launched by EPEA and the DOEN Foundation. The aim is to work towards a healthy production of print products that give the ecosystem back the resources it needs to continuously regenerate the materials it uses. All ecological and social impacts along the entire value chain are considered.

  • Initiative of the EPEA and the DOEN Foundation
  • Voluntary commitment to work towards healthy print products that contain 100% defined biocompatible ingredients that are safe to compost, can be used in other products or can be burned without a contaminant filter
  • Further information on Healthy Printing can be found in our current environmental statement starting on page 21

Cooperation with Soziale Allianz, Stiftung Mensch and Preetzer Werkstätten

Not all people are the same but everybody should have the same chance to be as independent as possible. We actively support the inclusion of people with disabilities in cooperation with Stiftung Mensch in Meldorf and the Lebenshilfewerk Kreis Plön. The workshop employees, for example, demonstrate their special dexterity day in, day out in tricky packaging work or paper processing. We are also a founding member of Soziale Allianz, an association of Dithmarsch companies with the aim of integrating people with disabilities into the local economy.

  • Inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Founding member of Soziale Allianz

Our own biodiversity project

We have been actively supporting the Altenkattbek e.V. nature conservation association since 2010 by actively contributing to the preservation of the “Dunes of Altenkattbek” nature reserve in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein, an important home for numerous insects, woodlarks, red-backed shrikes and the endangered heather owls. In the meantime, it has become a tradition for our new trainees to get to grips with the dominant grape cherries, birches and whistling grass at the start of their training so that the heath landscape can develop further.

  • Support with maintaining the “Dunes of Altenkattbek” nature reserve
  • Campaign when the new trainees start

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