Antibacterial Coating

Antibacterial print products?

Unbelievable but possible! An additional protection for your print products – long-lasting and effective. You now have the option with us to apply antibacterial coating to your brochures, flyers, folders, catalogues, menus and much more. With our special antibacterial dispersion gloss coating or silk matt coating, you can offer your print products additional protection.

How does it work?

The reaction of the active ingredient with a photocatalyst (daylight or artificial light) and oxygen creates a photodynamic effect that ensures a permanent reduction in germs.  The function is effective for at least one year and disinfects all types of bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi. The protective coating ensures up to 99.5 % permanent germ destruction and has been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute IVV in Munich according to DIN ISO22196.

Some key figures on the coatings we use in sheetfed printing:

Dispersion gloss coating

  • Very good rub resistance
  • Very good blocking resistance
  • Double-sided application
  • Good drying
  • Can be used on all displays
  • Can be used on paper and cardboard

Silk matt varnish

  • Good slip
  • Low polishing
  • Good silk matt result
  • Very good rub resistance
  • Very good block resistance
  • Double-sided application
  • Can be used on paper and cardboard

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