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More independence.

More comfort.

Media gate is essentially a DIY platform for complex printed products that you can use to simply and effectively organise your order. Here’s how it works:

Your graphic designers upload the print data, which is then automatically reviewed. The graphic designers will then be notified of any errors the review detects so that they may make the necessary changes without any additional organisation on your part. You can upload any additional data, language variations, mailing lists, logistics information, advert reservations, etc. The system will not just perform an automatic review as to whether or not your project meets the necessary requirements,  it also checks, for instance, whether the text (black) is consistent with the other colours when making a black-plate change.

In short,  Mediagate allows your team and your suppliers to work and upload data on a single platform so that the results are visible immediately. Any necessary changes can therefore be made easily and directly which, in turn, saves you time, money and effort. This effect becomes more noticeable the more complicated your production is.

It is the ideal solution for magazines, catalogues, brochures, inserts, handbills, mailings, and everything in between.