Variable data printing on a new scale: The Eversfrank Group sets a new status quo in digital printing with the Océ ProStream 1000 technology from Canon

Preetz, March 07, 2018 – The Eversfrank Group is adding a new Canon Océ ProStream 1000 digital press to its fleet, enabling customers to take advantage of new and innovative advertising opportunities in digital printing with offset-like quality. This will set new standards, especially in the field of variable data printing. Eversfrank is the first company in Germany to use this state-of-the-art digital printing machine.

With the new system from Canon, the internationally active print and media group already has a total of three digital printing machines at its Preetz site and is thus continuing its path as an innovation pioneer in the industry. Since the printing industry has also undergone immense digital change in recent years, it is important to meet these requirements. Printed products must reach their recipients at the right time, in the right place, with the right message and, above all, be individually tailored to them, just as they are used to in the digital world in times of big data.

This is where the Group started years ago and has since been developing solutions to make print products more efficient and to merge print with the digital world. Today, the portfolio ranges from shopping basket breaker mailings and image recognition via smartphone to the individualization of catalogue covers. Hybrid printing technology plays a particularly important role here, making it possible, for example, to print regionalised advertisements on the covers of magazines that appear in large print runs. Here, the cover of the catalogue is individually taxed with variable data and printed in digital printing, while the inner part is printed in low-cost offset.

“We are currently experiencing strong demand from customers who all want one thing: personalization of their magazines, catalogues or brochures,” reports Joachim Glowalla, Managing Director of Eversfrank Preetz. “With the new digital printing press, we are opening a new chapter in our services and opening up new opportunities for our customers on a large industrial scale”.

The added value and half-life of print products are thus intelligently increased because the individual design of a print product, precisely tailored to the requirements and interests of the end consumer, results in significantly less wastage because it is relevant to the reader.

“In addition to regional advertisements, major topics include individually tailored offers on the cover of catalogues published nationwide to completely personal catalogue covers – for example with the best friend as a model on the title page,” adds Glowalla. “In this way, we are setting completely new possibilities for the industry, which can be realized with a maintained amount of data.

With a native print resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, Océ multilevel technology and a speed of 80 m/min on a wide variety of media including coated offset paper, which corresponds to 1,076 duplex A4 pages per minute, the Océ ProStream 1000 achieves print quality equivalent to offset printing with economical production and is affordable for customers. The Eversfrank Group is excited about the future and looks forward to exciting projects.