The Eversfrank Group Is an International and Regional Expert for Print Products - Also for the “Störche”  

by Elisa Krauße for the stadium magazine of Holstein Kiel

As an “international print and media company”, the Eversfrank Group combines foresight with regional sustainability – and with its extensive machine park, it can implement both large offset printing orders and high-volume digital printing runs for its customers. With personality, proximity and a view beyond the horizon. 

The traditional company has remained true to this philosophy even after almost 110 years in the printing business: Founded in 1911 as a small print shop with magazine sales in Meldorf, the printing company now operates internationally in Denmark, Sweden, France and the Netherlands. The basis is formed by the three production sites in Meldorf, Preetz and Alzey. Huge production halls, a wide range of machinery to meet specific requirements and around 1000 employees guarantee that large orders in offset and digital printing are reliably implemented: Catalogues, brochures, magazines or mailings – print works: “Print products are strongly perceived in the digital age. The addressee cannot click the message away, but has it in his hand. In the mailbox, everything has a different effect,” is how Fabian Nissen, a marketing employee, describes the phenomenon. Advertising that is personally tailored to the customer has a special effect: “We are pioneers in the field of digital printing”, says Fabian Nissen, “we can print customer-specific mailings, for example, on the basis of digital data, with exactly the products and content that interest him”.

Regionality with vision

This is not the only competence that distinguishes the company, which has combined the expertise of the family businesses Evers-Druck and Frank Druck since 1993: Despite its size, the group has retained its close, personal customer relationships with international locations. Personal consultation, customer visits, proof prints – service and proximity are part of the company philosophy. “With us, customers can still be very close to the production process. We often develop completely new concepts and pilot projects with them. It is important to us to give customers new ideas and to enable them to think outside the box. The Eversfrank Group has also been thinking outside the box itself for a long time: With the IHK award as “TOP training company”, the company proves that it takes responsibility. And not only for its own employees, but also for the entire region – the company has always attached great importance to sustainable processes. For example, the locations are supplied completely with ecological electricity and gas. With its own reforestation company Evers ReForest, the Group compensates CO₂ emissions that are unavoidable during the manufacturing process and plants a corresponding number of trees in reforestation areas in Schleswig-Holstein. “After all, we are also located in Dithmarschen in the most sparsely wooded district in the most sparsely wooded federal state,” smiles Fabian Nissen. The printing company’s current project: a seasonal heat storage facility directly behind the Meldorf site will in future temporarily store waste heat in summer to supply surrounding municipal properties with heat in winter. “Our waste heat potential is great, and we want to use it to make a regional difference,” says Fabian Nissen.

“Sensible, fair, personal”

The Eversfrank Group also demonstrates regional solidarity with its commitment to the sponsor network of the “Störche”. The company has already been reliably printing the stadium magazine for ten years – “this works so well because many colleagues are fans of Holstein-Kiel. With our tight time slots we are always in personal dialogue and coordinate our activities at short notice and without complications, that is a give and take”, smiles Gunnar Kniewel, sales representative at Eversfrank. This solidarity is also manifested in the Holstein Stadium: “People always come out of the stadium with a soul. The mood, the atmosphere – it’s a great experience.” And the Eversfrank Group is also enthusiastically involved in the Sparkassen-Arena (from July 1, Wunderino-Arena): “The evenings at the Lotto-Hallen-Masters are the season’s highlight. No matter where you go, the “Störche” always offer a good event.” What he appreciates about the club is its down-to-earth attitude: “Holstein Kiel is a likeable club. There is nothing overexcited and you don’t make yourself bigger than you are. Among each other there is always a reasonable, fair and personal contact.” Attributes with which the Eversfrank Group itself is very familiar …