Expansion of digital printing: The Eversfrank Group commissions an additional high-speed digital printer

Preetz, 29.08.2018 – The Eversfrank Group has expanded its machinery with the addition of a second Canon Océ ProStream 1000. The group can now offer its customers even shorter turnaround times and more production security. Eversfrank had already put a digital printer of the same model into operation last December, opening the door to new and innovative promotional possibilities using digital printing technology with offset printing quality to its customers. The investment has allowed the international printing and media company to set new standards, especially in the field of variable data printing, and continue along its path as a pioneer in the industry.

The printing industry has undergone an enormous digital shift in recent years, leaving companies scrambling to keep up with current trends and technology. Print products must reach their recipients at the right time and right place, and they must be tailored to individual interests, just like we all expect in these digital times of big data. The Eversfrank Group acknowledged this several years ago and set to work developing solutions that carve out a place for print technology in a digital world and increase the relevance of print products.

Today, the company’s portfolio ranges from aborted purchase mailings to catalogue envelope personalisation based on data from the web. Hybrid printing technology plays a particularly important role here as it makes it possible, for example, the placement of regionalised advertisements on the covers of magazines that appear in large print runs. This involves personalising the cover of the catalogue with variable data and printing it digitally, while the inner part is printed using an offset printing method.

With the new addition, the Eversfrank Group now operates four digital printers. “By increasing our digital printing capabilities, we are well equipped to offer our customers quality, personalised output with short turnaround times,” explains Frank Ehrhorn, sales director at the Eversfrank Group. “We are advancing the medium of print with our high performance, offset-like quality and the advantage of individualisation with large print runs.”