Print as a Tool for Successful Customer Relationship in Times of Corona

How Printed Messages Ensure Proximity and Trust With Your Customers

For weeks the coronavirus has preoccupied us in our entire everyday life. It has changed many things in a very short time and turned our usual daily routine upside down. Since then, our lives have largely taken place at home. Digital communication channels have become ubiquitous – from telephone conferences with work colleagues, to video calls with friends, to online shopping. Don’t we all yearn for a little analogue contact?

Print creates proximity and trust

With its tactile qualities, no other medium conveys as much closeness as print. When we discover a message in our mailbox that is personally addressed to us and we hold it in our hands in printed form, it attracts our attention – unlike an e-mail that can quickly end up in a spam folder. Print cannot be clicked away, swiped away or deleted with the delete key. It is here and now, it offers the sender a stable platform. Moreover, it is in the nature of humankind to give the printed word on paper more credibility and trust, as many studies have already proven. Just the right tool for brands and companies to retain customers in times of uncertainty and contact limitations.

Particularly high retention times now of all times

In addition, the length of time spent on print products has never been longer than now, as we spend an extraordinary amount of time in our own four walls. After receiving a print advertising mailing, it usually takes several weeks until an order is complete. Only one third of the order processes are completed in the first week after receiving the mailing, two thirds of the orders are even placed from day 14 onwards, as the CMC Dialogpost Studie 2019 showed. In other words: print products remain visibly at home in your own four walls for a long time – exactly where customers are in times of home office and contact limitations.

Being present and increasing anticipation

Moreover, even if shopping, fitness and travel are only possible with restrictions, people still long for normality. Looking forward to the next visit to the gym, restaurant or the next holiday enhances our mood. Use this to get in touch with your customers and don’t be forgotten. Start your print mailing campaign with us and be present with your customers even in these times! We will be happy to advise you.