Compensate Instead of Resigning

Climate Neutralized Printing

There is no point in denying climate change – but there is a great deal to be done to counter it! We have analysed our CO₂ footprint and reacted – with Evers ReForest, our own reforestation program.

CO₂ is one of the main causes of climate change. For this reason it is important to reduce or even completely avoid greenhouse gas emissions. The latter is only possible to a limited extent in the production of catalogues, brochures, magazines and many other activities. That is why our motto is: Compensate instead of resigning. Even a single tree can convert an average of 100 kilograms CO₂ into biomass per year. That gives hope. And so in 2009, the first ever reforestation company owned by a printing company was founded: Evers ReForest.

The north becomes green

Through initial afforestation of mixed deciduous forests, CO₂ can compensate for emissions that occur during print production and cannot be prevented despite all efforts. Where, if not in Schleswig-Holstein – the most sparsely wooded state in Germany – does this action make sense in more than one way? For more than ten years now, we have been planting as many trees on former agricultural land as are needed to compensate for the production process of each print job. With seven reforestation areas on more than 450,000 square meters of initial reforestation land for new forests in Schleswig-Holstein, more than 20,000 tons of CO₂ emissions are being offset and the north is thus ecologically enriched.

Environmentally friendly all along the line

However, it was important to us not only to create a balance with production, but also to adapt the process as far as possible to an environmentally friendly approach – for example, by using green electricity. From the operation of the machines to outdoor lighting and the lighting in every office – since 2013, all our sites have been using green electricity. This comes from Norway, where it is regeneratively generated by hydropower. So far, it has not been possible to transport the electricity along the route to other locations distributed throughout Germany in a climate-neutral manner. The resulting CO₂ volume is also compensated for through the ReForest programme. Thus the electricity used is ultimately 100% climate neutral. In addition, we also use eco-gas at all our sites, for example to dry the paper webs during printing and for heating.

A plus for customers

The commitment to the environment also benefits our customers. Because anyone who has print products printed by us can have them marked with the Evers ReForest-logo for their environmental commitment and receive a certificate. The environmentally friendly orientation promotes one’s own image and can even generate higher sales. On top of that, the commitment to climate protection can be seen, touched, smelled and even walked through: Our customers can visit their own personal forest at any time.

Full commitment right from the start

The idea of sustainability is also passed on to the next generation. Anyone approaching an apprenticeship with us will learn what we are committed to. Our new trainees go to the nature reserve in Altenkattbek to clear the soil of weeds. The newcomers show full physical commitment. The project not only brings enormous benefits for the creatures and plants, but also promotes team spirit and cohesion among the apprentices.


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