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More productivity. More circulation. More channels.

Initial situation / problem:
Although print is alive and well in Kenya, digitalisation is on the advance in East Africa. There is a strong growth in the use of mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets: in terms of use, mobiles have registered a growth of 91%. The Standard Group, whose "The Standard" is one of the most influential daily newspapers in Kenya, would like to increase its focus on developing the online business, monetarise digital contents and become the most read newspaper in the country in the future.

Conceptual solution:
Complete automation of the workflow. Standardisation and media-neutral production of the content. For the purpose of designing cross-media publications in a slim-line and straightforward manner.

Technical solution / Implementation:
Highly automated workflow ranging from planning the newspaper, via prepressing, production, advertising and editing through to delivering the content in all channels.

The introduction of the new workflow has resulted in a strong improvement in productivity, an increase in efficiency and the automation of many of the previously elaborate and costly processes. Since the go-live in July 2014, the innovative printing workflow has produced excellent results – e. g. "The Nairobian", a local daily, whose circulation has been continuously rising. From initial sales figures of 18,000, it has now increased to some 98,000.

"It is our goal to inform people across all media channels with high quality content, to educate them and entertain them. With solutions deeply integrated into the workflow, ppi Media provides the highest level of automation in all process steps," explains Robert Toroitich, CIO of The Standard Group.