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Working under high pressure.

Initial situation / problem:
In 2013, the prestigious economic magazine "impulse" separated from the Gruner+Jahr publishing house, became independent and was also forced to introduce a new editorial system – during the running production of the magazine. The intention was to make it operable from anywhere, cost-effective, multi-functional and – first and foremost – fast to use. Additional requirements: impulse should provide its independent contents in all channels, have an individual layout and publish further titles in addition to the regular magazine production – e. g. "impulse kompakt", which summarises the key articles from a given year.

Conceptual solution:
"Stories from anywhere": A web-based editorial solution, which allow the team to include texts, images and entire stories from anywhere into the cloud-based system. Only one internet access is required.

Technical solution / Implementation:
This editorial solution combines the digital asset management system (DAM) with the InDesign layout tool. Editors create the texts, photos and graphics to be made available for the further processing in InDesign. Here is where the layout of the magazine ensues. A print page dummy in the integrated planning solution clearly displays which articles should be placed on which pages. Once the content is entered, it never gets lost and can be used again for other publications or for archive research purposes.

All the workflows, sample pages, libraries were changed while the system was in operation – an exceptional event. Although only a short time was available for the system launch and other specifications – which didn't make the start any easier, the first edition following the management buyout still reached the shelves on time.

" ... it was great", recalls Eva Weikert, the senior editor. "And that is what counts." And even beyond that she was very satisfied. "The archive function is extremely valuable and incredibly practical. The cooperation with colleagues outside Hamburg is also (...) very easy. For us as a Hamburg magazine, for example, it is no problem to have a colleague based in Southern Germany produce a major story."