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60,000 articles in 500 flyer versions – no problem.

Initial situation / problem:
With some 1,000 employees at ten locations, two sales lines and approx. 60,000 articles, the Nordmann Group of Companies is one of the leading companies in the wholesale and retail trading of beverages. In 2013, the company sought a new possibility to manage products on a centralised basis, optimise processes, reduce costs and increase turnover. Furthermore, printed advertising material should be incorporated into the marketing measures as simply as possible. A further challenge: flyers in up to 500 region- or market specific versions etc. have to be produced as rapidly and simply as possible.

Conceptual solution:
"Maximum integration": enabling the centralisation of product data and access from all necessary areas. This way, the collection of advertising materials can be planned and controlled, and projects clearly implemented with maximum efficiency. The centrally and media-neutral stored product information can then be conveniently directed into all marketing channels.

Technical solution / Implementation:
The software solution manages all the product data centrally in a PIM system. It integrates category management and all those involved in the process – even outlets/markets. For example, the product data existing in the PIM is placed directly in the advertising pages by means of the digital planning overview. Here product groups are already divided into various advertising media categories, enabling each category manager to find the appropriate place for his product range. The page planning results are pre-layouted Adobe®-InDesign® documents, automatically containing all the product information. In this process, DTP documents, advertising media planning and the PIM system are bi-directionally interconnected. This means that sensitive product information, such as prices, can also be updated shortly before printing without compromising the data quality.

Nordmann now has completely new marketing possibilities: not only can they react at short notice to market conditions, but the interdepartmental work has become markedly more efficient and easier – this particularly applying to the large number of flyer variants. Once the system was successfully launched and the print workflow tested, the next goals are clear:

"The e-commerce business unit should also benefit (...from this...). We intend to transpose the benefits from the other departments to here as well", states Ralf Ackermann.