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A forest especially for the DAK.

Initial situation / problem:
The DAK is regarded as "the best health insurance company for families" and is one of the best-known in Germany. This is also reflected in its customer magazine: large circulation and volumes. Different titles for different target groups. High standards regarding environmental friendliness and sustainability as an expression of the company philosophy and its CSR strategy.

Conceptual solution:
"Conserving resources": for the two magazines "fit!" and "Praxis + Recht", 3 components were used in implementing the CSR strategy: – reducing raw materials and energy consumption by reducing the size of the paper format and using the optimal printing machine. Only recycling paper to be used for the paper. And thirdly, to compensate for the unavoidable CO2 emissions.

Technical solution / Implementation:
As the DAK attaches great value to regionality, it was only logical for us to select the Steinbeis paper company from Glückstadt as the supplier, thus making possible the use of the so-called "back-to-use" cycle. And to compensate for the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions, the Evers ReForest afforestation projects in Schleswig-Holstein were accordingly selected.

Altogether, we print "fit!" 3-times a year with 48 pages in a 1.3 million run, plus a special issue of 64 pages in a 4 million run. "Praxis + Recht", with 32 pages, also appears 3-times a year, with a circulation of 600,000. Here we switched from the original gravure to web offset printing, to enable us to use recycling paper here too. The format: 21 x 24.5 cm (instead of 21 x 29.7 cm) – 5.2 cm less paper, less greenhouse gases, reduced costs.

Between 2012 and 2014 alone, it was possible to neutralise 3.183492 kg of CO2 emissions this way, which corresponds to some 35,700 trees. Thus their own little forest – also planted for the future of our children. After all, the DAK is considered as the "best for families".

"With the unusual ecological services provided by Eversfrank with printing, not only have we been able to implement our strategy particularly well. We have also planted a piece of the future with our forest – a special kind of provision that is perfect for us as a health insurance company", reports Gerd Brammer from the Customer Management business unit.