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So that it grows and prospers.

Initial solution / problem:  

The Fricke Group is the European market leader in agricultural machinery. "Granit Parts", the wholesale corporate division for spare parts and components, supports over 4,000 dealers all over Europe. A central tool for this purpose is the main catalogue, with some 600 pages, which is, in turn, distributed by the specialist dealers to the farmers.
Up to 2014, the logos and addresses of the dealers were only laser engraved in black. From 2015, a step further was intended to open up the opportunity for the specialist dealers to individualise the catalogue cover.  

Conceptual situation:

The web-to-print portal: Each dealer can individualise the catalogue cover. This refers to the logo and address on the front cover, the photo of his team (or similar) and the text on the back cover. Production in the hybrid printing process: the cover in digital printing, the inside pages in offset.    

Technical solution / Implementation:

Eversfrank realised the Fricke web-to-print shop in eight languages in less than nine weeks. Fricke back office staff and area managers of all regions underwent training (including per webinar). In less than 14 days, the individual catalogue cover pages had been incorporated by the dealers in the web shop and approved for printing. Production, packaging and shipping of all 4,000 variants took scarcely longer than the single-colour laser engraving process the previous year – thanks to our full-colour digital printing machines.  


Motivated by the success, the web-to-print portal is undergoing further development to also enable the 4,000 dealers throughout Europe to send personalised mailings with themes specific to the particular country. Since seeding and harvesting cycles vary considerably according to the region, the portal is accordingly in continuous operation from spring to late autumn.