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Added value for value-added service providers.

Initial situation / problem:
Affinion, the specialists for affinity marketing (customer loyalty), wanted to relaunch their clients' customer magazine (five banks and savings banks). Their main goal: improving the KPIs in the form of fee-based bookings of value-added services.

Scope of relaunch: full service. Processing of print, online, web shop – text and image editing, graphics, print handling, newsletter production (print and digital).

Conceptional solution:
Comprehensive new development (from both content and formal perspective) of the customer media – focusing on sales and Performance.

Technical solution / Implementation:
Developing the editorial system, involvement of external editors and graphic designers using an online interface. Independent connection to the customer's newsletter and web shop systems. Based on editorial conferences, media focal points as regards content are defined in consultation with the customer, compared with the customer's existing marketing planning and implemented in the form of regular newsletters, web shop themes and customer magazines.?

Cost reduction for the customer while at the same time raising performance (customer growth) by double-digit figures.

"Alphabeta has succeeded in realising our needs in relation to both customer loyalty and upselling. In magazine, newsletter, web and app terms", reports Johan van der Sluis, Managing Director of Affinion.