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Good tools are simple tools.

Initial situation / problem:
Almost 20% of all bouquets of flowers send in Germany come via the Blume 2000.de website. A success that also represented a challenge – first and foremost a technical one. The suppliers' article data comes in a wide range of formats/quantities. Other partner and B2B shops want to be provided with new information on a daily basis. In addition to the range of flowers, gift items are also offered. Blume 2000 wanted to become more flexible in this regard, bring products online more quickly and protect themselves against inconsistent data and errors.

Conceptional solution:
"As simply as possible": centralisation of all the products and media data, elimination of redundancies and inconsistencies. Automised distribution of tasks, resulting in an acceleration of the management process. Web-based working with intuitive software operation to provide maximum simplification.

Technical solution / implementation:
Upstream systems, such as ERP, Oxid Shop, image database, Adobe Photoshop CC, were connected via interfaces. As were merchandise management, back office and shop systems. A freely configurable data structure was developed for sales channels, documents, products and assets.

The implementation of the system for 10 different sales channels (10 different!) was successfully completed in less than 2 months. Whereby as early as the conception phase, the system proved to be so user-friendly and readily understandable that Blume 2000 completely dispensed with the training. And the savings potentials were enormous: all the product data is only handled once; communication between the departments now functions much better. Sources of error have been minimised.

Now our system is also used by Blume 2000 retail stores to manage and consolidate both product data and advertising-relevant information in a simple, secure and fast manner.