What will our earth look like in 100 years? What will we leave our children? These are questions that concern us and that our society as a whole cannot avoid. Climate protection and energy efficiency are the solutions to these questions – but we must start today with all efforts to make a difference!

“We are the first generation to be affected by climate change, and the last generation still able to stop it.” That’s how Barack Obama put it. For companies that have recognised this and want to act, the pioneer initiative “Klimaschutz-Unternehmen e. V.” was founded. Here, pioneers come together under the motto: “Think ahead, live ahead, lead the way! We set ourselves ambitious goals and develop individual solutions for operational energy efficiency in products, services and production processes that are measurable and can also be implemented as best-practice models for other companies. We are united by a common mission, a growing know-how and a continuous exchange.

Neither company size nor industry affiliation are decisive for membership in the initiative. What counts is the willingness to be a true pioneer, to work on future-oriented solutions, to be in exchange with others and thus to promote knowledge transfer.