Healthy Printing

Eversfrank Group is a member of the Healthy Printing Initiative launched by EPEA and the DOEN Foundation. The aim is to work towards a healthy production of printed products in the long term, which gives back to the ecosystem the resources it needs for the continuous regeneration of the materials used. All ecological and social impacts along the entire value chain are taken into account. Above all, healthy recyclability is the focus of the Healthy Printing concept.

In the future, printed products should be able to be safely recycled according to measurable criteria and by-products should be harmless for further use in other products, for composting and for returning to the soil. For this long-term objective with the Healthy Printing concept, the Eversfrank Group is taking the first steps with the change of sheet and roll ink to Cradle to Cradle® as standard for all productions. The aim is to actively support positive impacts rather than just minimising negative impacts, such as improving the quality of recycled products rather than just reducing the impact of printing.

We are committed as a member company of the initiative to work towards healthy printed products by developing or optimising criteria for best practices, design and purchasing criteria through stakeholder networks.