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The optimal machine

for maximum efficiency.

Heatset rotary printing:

    • format classes from 16 to 80 pages
    • optimal use of paper thanks to coordinated Format sections: e.g. for the DIN A4 area with no unnecessary paper loss: 21.5 cm, 25.0 cm, 26.3 cm, 28.0 cm, 29.7 cm, 30.5 cm
    • horizontal and vertical page orientation
    • inline sewing, sizing and trimming
    • flaps, flying pages, component products with inline production

Coldset Rotary printing:

    • the interesting alternative to heatset rotary offset
    • brilliant Image reproduction on uncoated paper
    • for products such as daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, telephone books
    • especially as supplementary products such as Price components, technical documentation inside catalogues etc.