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Eversfrank Group wins at the Druck & Medien Awards

The prize for the customer and sales team of the year goes to the “Drucktikanten” of the North German media company.

The Eversfrank Group is repeatedly successful at the Druck & Medien Awards. On 5th of November the family business was awarded with the largest German industry award of the print industry in Berlin. With this prize for the "Drucktikanten" in the area "customer and sales team of the year" the EVERSFRANK Group received the popularly award for the fifth time.

On the 5th of November within the scope of a festive gala in the Grand Hyatt in Berlin the Eversfrank Group compete with the innovative customer initiative against the also nominated finalists SDV – The Medien AG, Dresden and Wirtz Druck GmbH & Co. KG, Datteln – successfully. The jury - 31 neutral industry experts and print buyers – describes the reasons for the decision as follows: The Eversfrank Group demonstrates that it possesses high-tech, an enormous amount of know-how and a sales team, which produces together with their customers as well unusual ideas on schedule, at reasonable prices and in particular in the right quality.

"With our customer initiative "Drucktikant" we created an unconventional and fast sales offensive, which is not only extremely economical but also fun and motivates", explains Nele Huhs, distributor of the Eversfrank Group. "We are especially pleased that we won the Druck & Media Award with this project. This motivates us all the more to compete with a great pleasure." Nele Huhs explained the idea of the awarded project: "The sales team completes an internship in different companies for 1 to 3 days, the so-called "Drucktikum", inclusive official application with photo, curriculum vitae, "Drucktikum" report, certificates and making coffee. The goal is to learn more about our customers and therefore being able to do more for them." The first round of the "Drucktikanten" was a great success. The personal contact to our customers and the mutual understanding has improved significantly. "The customers appreciate the commitment, the openness and the active, practical support of our "Drucktikanten"", says Nele Huhs who was as well on assignment as "Drucktikant". "New ideas for new paths were the result, further orders and services are being discussed."

The Druck & Medien Awards were awarded for the 11th time, moderated by the journalist, radio and television presenter, and writer Jörg Thadeusz.



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