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More effective follow-up.

One of the biggest problems in online retail is getting customers to follow through with their purchases instead of abandoning their online shopping carts. In addition to follow-up emails, web reaction print mailings are also useful: our Drookies®.  

Drookies are personalised paper mailings that use information provided by cookies, which is where they get their name. Drookies are based on

  • the purchase and non-purchase history of customers who abandon their purchases (as well as other web activity);
  • your CRM system’s rules;
  • predictive analytics, your internal specifications, and much more.

To produce an on-demand, personalised Drookie for each recipient daily, our digital printing department simply needs a list containing the address, individual products and their prices. We can even create two Drookies per day if necessary. This ensures that your response to shopping cart abandonment bounces will land in the customer’s mailbox within 48 hours (optimal response speed). And with quadrupled order rates*, our Drookies have proven to be effective.

* Compared to standardised mailings.