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"John Doe is dead."

Mr Märtterer, there are over 70 million consumers in Germany alone*. How is one-to-one marketing supposed to work?

GM: In principle, it is simply a question of addressing the right consumer at the right time in the right channel with the right content. In other words, first and foremost by offering him a relevant content that really interests him.

For each single Person?

GM: In the ideal case, yes. Companies are surprisingly well informed about their customers. And recommendation engines are able to draw conclusions on customer preferences from the customer journey. If these inputs are intelligently combined and real one-to-one outputs created via all available channels, then you come very close to this ideal. Then even highly relevant web-reaction postcards, sent to somebody 24 hours after they have aborted their online shopping, are nothing other than our everyday routine.

We have 200 IT experts and some 1,000 print specialists. Many of them work on customised one-to-one solutions for publishing houses, shippers, the tourist sector and industry. With results that really are impressive. Just take a look at our Cases. Then it becomes clear what relevance can achieve.

  * Population of Germany aged 15 or over, 31.12.2013, Statista.com