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More precision landings

for your customers.

In the age of information overkill, consumers make radical selections. Anything that isn't interesting will land in the wastepaper basket without a second thought. This is why the principle of our one-to-one marketing services is "more response with relevance". And this means: we link together online and offline technologies in such a way that a segmentation to each single target person is possible – even on a major industrial scale. 100,000 times a print run of 1 – whether as a corporate publishing magazine. As a travel catalogue in hybrid printing. As a mailing produced daily-on-demand in print or online pdf.

In a nutshell, solutions optimally customised to your specific requirements. Through to "Global-Local"-concepts that allow companies acting on a worldwide basis to produce individual one-to-one print and online advertising material as a matter of course by integrating tens of thousands of local dealers. And thus more relevance, more response, more turnover. Simply Power2Business.