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"We are much closer - in every respect"

Mr Polei, why should the printing take place in Germany of all places – isn't that a bit far away?
AP: Of course not. Firstly, our production locations are just a short distance from the Danish border – that's really no distance at all. Geographical proximity, however, is only one aspect. Printing today is about really complex relationships. Customers want solutions that save on paper and postage. Intelligent solutions going beyond what is considered standard. They want to be fast. And flexible. To be able to do updates just before printing. All of which is no problem – not for us anyway.

But isn't printing actually out?
AP: On the contrary, just think of trends such as indi-mags or reverse publishing. Basically, printing has become more sophisticated. This is something that we recognised early on and accordingly laid the foundations for. With major investment in innovative machinery that can deliver pretty much any format at a highly industrialised level. Speed and flexibility are thus one of our major benefits. And there are also our employees. They don't just receive and process orders, but also provide advice and develop extremely smart, targeted solutions. This is because of their comprehensive understanding of customer needs. This is what we call proximity. And this pays off in every respect – particularly for customers.