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Maximum refinement à la Eversfrank.

Initial situation/problem:

For the 70th birthday of legendary “panic rocker” Udo Lindenberg, BILD is bringing out the biography “Udo Fröhliche”, written by Benjamin von Struckrad-Barre. The book is arranged and structured like a mosaic, in a scrapbook style which is like a thread running through the entire book. That’s how the “Lindenberg Lexicon: from alcohol to cigarettes” was created, a book as colourful, strident and exceptional as Udo himself. And this was also precisely the challenge we faced for the printing: to produce a printed product which would be worthy of this legendary rock icon in terms of creativity and idiosyncrasy.  

Conceptional solution:

Refinement à la Eversfrank. Unusual refinement elements on and in the jacket, which give the book a very special tactile quality. The highlight: the exact shade of green of the socks that Udo Lindenberg always wears stands out as a visual eye-catcher on the cover. In addition, the book will be produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Technical implementation:

We created a tactile highlight with our screen printing process: if readers move their finger over the cover, the letters of the title, “Udo Fröhliche”, perceptibly stand out as a very smooth, slightly raised surface. Similarly on the jacket, a handwritten comment by Udo Lindenberg was printed with the same technique, enabling the reader to feel his presence “up close”. To give this lettering a particularly authentic Lindenberg touch, we mixed the exact colour of Udo’s legendary green socks. Another special feature: an eight-page jacket which is adhesive-bound and flush with the body of the book – a particularly tricky challenge for our sheet offset printing, but exactly right for an Udo Lindenberg book. All this, crowned by our high sustainability standard: the book is printed on wood-free nature offset paper with 100% green electricity.

The result:

A product has been created by the entire Eversfrank Group. Virtually all our locations participated in the project and worked hand in hand together to produce the perfect the result. Our enthusiasm for consultation and special requests is just as evident in this work as is our expertise in the areas of technology and innovation. We look back on our work with satisfaction and look forward to the book’s success.