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In the light of the current state of technology, print products cannot be manufactured in a "climate-neutral" way – only CO2 neutralisation/compensation is possible. And this is what we do in this regard:

For the production

  • We have developed a project that is unique in the printing industry: Evers-ReForest. By reforestation of mixed deciduous forests in Schleswig-Holstein, the unavoidable greenhouse gases caused by print productions (or vehicle fleets, events, etc.) are neutralised. Validation ensues by the Thünen Institute. And the result is impressive: ca. 200,000 trees were planted and over 3,000 t CO2 compensated for in 2014 alone. Read more about this at: evers-reforest.com
  • It is also possible to compensate for the greenhouse gases caused by participation in CO2 compensation projects outside core Europe, such as First Climate and Climate Partner. Your commitment is confirmed by a certificate.

For shipping

  • CO2 emissions caused by post or package delivery, we compensate with Frischluftpost (Fresh-Air Mail): "stamps" that also support the first afforestation project in Schleswig-Holstein. The calculations performed by recognised institutes form the basis for this. The "stamps" can be ordered online and are simply affixed to letters or packages.
  • In addition, the Go-Green delivery service provided by the Deutsche Post DHL Group is, of course, also possible.