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EU-Ecolabel:  Also known as the EU Environmental Label or EU Flower. It is awarded for products and services. Only EU Ecolabel paper, which features a lower energy use in its production, may be used. The requirements on print shops relate to chemicals, emissions, waste, energy use, etc. Our Meldorf and Preetz locations meet all these criteria and are among the first to be granted permission to use this demanding label in this industry in the entire EU.

Blauer Engel:  The oldest eco-label for products and services. Independent, demanding: it checks the effects on climate, resources, water, soil, air and people. In the printing industry, RAL-UZ 14 (Recycling paper) and RAL-UZ 72 (Printing and press paper) are relevant, being valid to 31.12.2015. After this date, further requirements must be complied with, including the recycling capability of all the substances and mixtures used, printing inks and varnishes, emissions, which affect waste management and energy management.

The new eco-label for print products, RAL-UZ 195, will be incorporated in the Eversfrank Group print locations by 1.1.2016 on a comprehensive basis.



Nordic Swan: An ambitious Scandinavian eco-label for products. It evaluates the entire production process, incl. pollutant emission, energy and water consumption. Compliance with the criteria is independently controlled and is verifiable and transparent. Whereby environmentally friendly production and waste reduction are essential. This way, consumers have the guarantee of holding a product (including a print product) in their hands that is as ecological as possible. This also characterises our Preetz and Meldorf locations.