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What you don't use,

you don't have to pay for.

Logical indeed:

We can make printing as green as possible – but we are only part of the production chain of catalogues, magazines and Co. Paper, and thus its manufacture, is one of the greatest factors in its environmental profile. And it therefore offers enormous possibilities for more eco-efficiency. After all, if wood isn't needed to produce paper, you save water, energy, CO2 – plus a lot of wood. This is our solution:


A cooperation between Eversfrank and the Steinbeis Paper company. In the integrated, regional material cycle, 5,760 tons of "new" top-quality recycling magazine paper – with outstanding eco-efficiency values – are created from our 7,200 tons of unmixed waste paper. The figures: this way, a brochure (including paper and printing) results in only 728 kg CO2 per 1,000 kg paper. This is 22% less than it causes on average by the manufacture of normal recycled paper alone! This is also true for the water consumption – in fact it is even 36% less, as determined by the IFEU Institute. And all this with excellent print quality.