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"Success is a question of responsibility."

Mr Langenohl, ecology is expensive, it requires a lot of commitment – is it economical?
ML: Definitely. If your production processes operate in a resource-efficient way – i.e. simply using less electricity or gas because you have optimised these processes, then your energy costs are reduced. You save CO2. This, in turn, reduces the compensation costs. When you inform your customers about all this, it increases your reputation, enhances your image – and that pays off. Always.

But isn't that tremendously expensive?
ML: Yes. And no. We invest a 6-digit amount every year (including personnel costs) in order to continue to improve our environmental performance, extend EMAS certifications for the locations and develop new ideas for eco-efficiency. This has transformed us into a pioneer for green printing in the entire industry.

This would then bring us to "no".

It will be so very easy for our customers to implement their CSR strategy – at least as far as printing is concerned. 100% eco-electricity in print production is, for example, standard for us. And – as required – you can also book other "green" modules. This ranges from paper, via printing inks through to CO2 compensation by reforesting our "own forest" with Evers-ReForest. Their brochures, magazines or flyers receive the corresponding labels – Blue Angel, FSC, Ecoflower, Nordic Swan – and all the recipients realise that here is a company assuming responsibility for its environment, for the future. A benefit, which has now become extremely important for consumers, business customers and employees alike. Quite easy. Don't you think so?