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"„So that you can see the wood for the trees.“"

Mr Evers, for a printing plant – even a very big one - you certainly have ambitious plans.

KJE: Let's put it this way: we aren't a printing plant any more. Although printing is an absolutely core part of our business, we have, nevertheless, developed – and will continue to do so – into an infrastructure provider. And it goes without saying that we use our know-how of the entire group for intelligent solutions in the field of communication media. Each of the customer's department has a specific way of viewing things: Purchasing wants to produce as favourably as possible. Marketing wants to make as much turnover as possible. IT wants to design secure processes. Requirements that tend to get in each other's way.

In this process, it is not a question of making savings for the sake of making savings but of future sustainability. And for this, you need an overview, an understanding for the actual problem as well as a change in perspective. It is a great help when our specialists get everybody involved round a table instead of considering one area in isolation. What use is the most efficient process to anybody if it doesn't achieve what it's intended to do? Or doesn't allow any innovations? Without this, however, you are lost in our extremely fast-changing times. Marketing and its bordering areas are subject to a permanent, rapid change. Our intention is for our consulting area to achieve the best possible use for our customers in the future. This is our goal – simply Power2Business.